Bila Besar Nanti
Season 4, Episode 5
Air date September 10,2010
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Bila Besar Nanti (When I Grow Up) is a 5th episode of season 4 in Upin & Ipin


At home, Upin and Ipin seem confused when they're drawing. So they asked Kak Ros what is her ambition and she asked why. Upin and Ipin tell her about the story when they're in class. At class, everyone have a flying paper plane competition. Then Ms. Jasmin come in and tell the class about ambition, then she gives the class homework about it. Kak Ros understood and told Upin and Ipin her ambition is to become a doctor. Upin and Ipin think that the idea is very hilarious and laugh, but Upin and Ipin still don't have any idea for the homework. When they looked at the sky and seem that they have an idea. The next day, everyone seem excited about it. When Ms Jasmin asked for the volunteers to come to the board and show everyone what is his/her ambition, Mei mei volunteered to do, but Mail disagreed. Until Upin and Ipin's speech, it's be revealed that Upin wants to become an astronaut and Ipin wants to build a rocket. After that Ms Jasmin told the class that everyone have dreams and if anyone so lazy to do it, his/her dream won't become reality. Then Ms Jasmin tells the class to stick those pictures on the board, reputed like treasures of the entire class.


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