Gosok Jangan Tak Gosok
Season 3, Episode 4
Air date Part 1: March 16, 2009

Part 2: March 17, 2009
Part 3: March 18, 2009

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Kisah Dua Malam
Gosok Jangan Tak Gosok (Brush It) is the 4th episode of season 3 in Upin & Ipin



Part 1Edit

Upin and Ipin were scared about the dentists who wanted to visit and examine students' teeth in the kindergarten, so they try to deceive Opah to sign the disagreements in the dentists' letter by letting her signed the letter without her glasses, but their plans have been abolished by Kak Ros.

Part 2Edit

The dentist came to visit, the students were scared. One by one the dentist called the name of the student followed the orders, the pupils were trying to find a way to prevent the "teeth examination", except for Mail because his father was signing the disagreements in the letter.

Part 3Edit

All students are relieved to undergo dental checkups. The next day, Doctor Ravi visited the classroom to teach the students about the health of their teeth. Mail was not present, apparently because he had a toothache. So when Upin, Ipin and his friends came to visit him and show him their new toothpastes that were given by Doctor Ravi, he was jealous.


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