Esok Puasa
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date October 13, 2007
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Esok Raya
Hari Raya (Eid Ul-Fitr) is the 6th episode of season 1 in Upin & Ipin


Upin and Ipin's friends arrive at their house for Eid Ul-Fitr's fun. All of these races and religions enjoy the dishes provided by Opah. After eating, they all share the Muqaddam prayers experience that is always there to advise and encourage them to fast in the years to come.


At Eid Ul-Fitr, who surrounded the story, Upin and Ipin's family visited the tombs of their parents who passed away when they were both infants. When being asked, Opah explained that their parents were diligent to fast during life. So the twin brothers concluded that their parents were sure to enter paradise for their many rewards.

After those previous episodes, the episode reverted to the Upin and Ipin segments storytelling (which is usually watched in the opening and closing episodes). All this time, they not only talk about fasting and revelry experiences in front of the audience, but also in front of RajooMei MeiEhsan and Fizi.

While eating at the feast, Ehsan intends them to visit their parents after eating, beginning with SallehZaid, an old man and Tok Dalang, but being recompensed by the old people by his friends, especially Mei Mei who voiced the word "slaughter" to attract the attention of Opah who ordered that they should not be so vulnerable. Opah told them that at Eid Ul-Fitr, they must be shy and forgive each other. Kak Ros ordered Upin, Ipin and their friends to quickly apologize to anyone that they were guilty. Upin was reminded of the chase chasing yesterday.

After the six children got their respective finances from Opah, plus Opah ordered Fizi to fast seriously next year. So Upin, Ipin and their friends visit the houses of their negligence yesterday to apologize.


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