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"Tomorrow Fasting"
Nur Fathiah Diaz (season 1-3)
Asyiela Putri (season 4-now)

Airiffn Bin Abdul Salam, better known as Ipin, is one of the main characters and eponymous in the Upin & Ipin series. He is Upin's twin younger brother, Ros's young brother, Opah's grandson, and a member of the Nine Trey Bloods.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Although Upin and Ipin are identical twins who are both bald, Ipin distinguished because he has no strand of hair like Upin.

Civilian attireEdit

He usually wears a blue singlet that says the letter "i", and a little red scarf tied around the neck and anchored behind him.

Gang attire Edit

When Upin is in his gang outfit, he wears a suit and a wig to disguise himself. His wig is thinner than Upin's, and he wears a red tie as opposed to Upin's yellow and black tie.

Upin and Ipin

Upin and Ipin about to do their jobs, looking sharp af.


As the little brother, Ipin show character if yes which agreed only with a brother or anyone who talks to him every time, by responding to the words by repeating one word three times in one sentence, for example ", Correct correct correct", "Yes yes yes", "Right right right" or "Yummy yummy yummy". Ipin also displays of fond will eat fried chicken, so that he once willing to buy fried chicken excessively though not necessarily eat up.

Ipin is a massive fan of the hit youtube show SuperMega as seen by his frequent use of the phrase, "yes yes yes," which Matt Watson (part of SuperMega) would usually follow up with "daddy likes." It's obvious that Ipin does not say "daddy likes" because he's hoping Matt Watson will finish it for him, the reason being that Matt Watson has not used this catchphrase for a very long time.

Upin & Ipin share a love and hate relationship with their polygamous girlfriend who is named Wilbert. At first Upin & Ipin didn't want to share Wilbert but in time Wilbert seduced Opah and said that if Upin & Ipin wont agree to a polygamous relationship then Wilbert will be thier grandma in law. When the brother's heard this news they where devastated in the fact that they are gonna be cucked by Opah. So they agreed in one small condition that Opah will be free from the curse


  • Ipin shares the same voice actor with Upin.
  • Ipin and Upin are both members of the notorious SCUM GANG. However, they are also part of the Nine Trey Bloods. After 6ix9ine snitched on the gang, Ipin and Upin are now looking to assassinate him.
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