Season 1, Episode 3
Air date September 16, 2007
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Nikmat (Satisfaction) is the 3rd episode of season 1 in Upin & Ipin


Arriving Upin and Ipin 's time broke fast after encountering various allegations on their first day of fasting. It is excited and impatient that they both waited while enjoying a delicious meal in conjunction with the breaking of fast. Their fasting efforts finally succeed when they enjoyed food so full. After that, Upin and Ipin fell asleep and forgot the plan to go to the mosque.


Eventually the breaking of fasting came. After being tired of exhaustion in the evening, Upin and Ipin were awakened by the scent of food in the kitchen, served for the first time that they both broke fasting. But they were reminded to wait until maghrib. So they set up television only to wait for the azan prayer and the announcement of the breaking of fast. Kak Ros ordered them that Upin and Ipin could not watch closely with television only for that, but went to the kitchen to get ready for breaking.

Azan maghrib was heard, it was time to break fast. Before they could touch the food, Upin and Ipin were ordered by Opah to read the first fast prayer. They both say Muqaddam prayers, but too fast. Opah reminded them that their way of praying was fast, so she order Upin and Ipin to read the prayer exactly and slower. While praying in the right way, Upin took the opportunity to steal fried chicken in front of her, but was blocked by Kak Ros.

After completing the prayer, Upin drank water, while Ipin continued to touch the fried chicken. Opah ordered Ipin to drink water first, then invite them to eat dates before eating other food on the table, so they both drank. Kak Ros took the opportunity to tease Ipin with fried chicken, so reprimanded by OpahKak Ros reminded them that there was still another month to fulfill the duty of fasting.

After eating, Opah prepared to go to the mosque to got involved. Upin and Ipin appealed Opah to allow them to come in once, but after Opah was ready, the twins have fallen asleep on the floor due to fatigue.


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