Mak Uda (Opah)
Character of Upin & Ipin
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"Tomorrow Fasting"
Hajah Ainon Ariff
Mak Uda is the maternal grandmother to Upin, Ipin and Ros and the head of their family, and affectionately known as Opah by his grandchildren and their friends.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Opah's face is shaped like a pentagon, with a mole on her left cheek. She always wore a light blue dress with blue flowers, brown batik sarong, and a blue head coverings. In the election, she was fond of wearing all green.


Opah is a senior citizen gentle wind if compared to her granddaughter Ros, particularly when treating delinquency Upin and Ipin, so that she allegedly spoils the twin brothers. She is rich in worldly and religious knowledge. Although she is old, but she remained strong body and mind. Her age may be overshadowed by the memory of Japan's life in "We 1Malaysia" episode.

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