Pisang Goreng Ngap Ngap!
Season 10, Episode 1
Air date April 9, 2016
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Siapa Atan?
Uuuuu... Telur Apa Tu?
Pisang Goreng Ngap Ngap! (Fried Bananas Ngap Ngap!) is a 1st episode of season 10 in Upin & Ipin


Part 1Edit

Upin and Ipin helped Tok Dalang lifted the banana into the courtyard, then gave him fried bananas to eat. Tok Dalang called them "fried bananas", then reprimanded by Upin and Ipin for misusing language.

Ipin was eaten by a banana horn and tasted cheek. Tok Dalang rebuked so that the banana horns were cooked first and then tasted good. Then Jarjit was thrilled to see how many bananas he has opened up with a rhyme: "The golden banana was sailed, cooked one on the crate ..." but forgot the rest. Tok Dalang spent: "Gold debt can be paid, debt is taken dead."

While eating crowded, Jarjit intended to ban bananas, but Tok Dalang prohibited and asked Upin and Ipin to ask why to Opah.

In the meantime, Kak Ros was trying to cook fried bananas under Opah's guidance in a tense situation. Then Upin and Ipin returned with a variety of bananas like bananas, banana flowers and banana leaves for Kak Ros to make lots of nasi lemak. When Upin and Ipin tried to ask something to Opah but before they asked her, she ran away.

Part 2Edit

Already a week of heavy rain in Kampung Durian Runtuh, Tok Dalang was worried about the condition of his banana orchard. As soon as the rain subsided, Tok Dalang rushed to the orchard, followed by Upin and Ipin. Upon arrival in the banana orchard, they were greeted by the devastating banana plantations, so they endeavored to replant banana trees and plant gardens (while playing).

Upin and Ipin went home with dirty mud deck, so Kak Ros told them to take a shower right now. Before entering, Tok Dalang gave them a banana buds to plant in their own garden. Then Kak Ros went to see them and told them that no one grew banana trees like Upin and Ipin's way.

Part 3Edit

Upin and Ipin came to tease Kak Ros to cook bananas in the kitchen to make cekodok, but it was interrupted by swarms of swarms. Even Kak Ros invited them to peel bananas to make fried bananas, but the twins were reluctant to grumble with the insects.

After that, Upin and Ipin invited their friends to eat fried bananas while singing "Fried Bananas Ngap Ngap" song.  Many people enjoyed eating delicious fried bananas, even Susanti put cheese on it.

Once home, Upin and Ipin were delighted to see their banana buds grow on the leaves and are determined to water again so large. Unfortunately the tree shoots died eventually, then they went groaning in front of Tok Dalang's house. After being told to be watered 10 times a day, he understood why.


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