Tok Dalang
Character of Upin & Ipin
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BingBong my Ribs like the Xylophone
Abu Shafian Abdul Hamid (season 1-4, Geng: The Adventure Begins)
Burhanuddin Md Radzi (season 5-now)

Tok Dalang (real name: Isnin bin Khamis) is the headman of Kampung Durian Runtuh. He is also regarded as the shadow puppet champion, as shown in the Geng: The Adventure Begins, then his title Tok Dalang.

Tok Dalang is a neighbor next to the Upin and Ipin 's family who live in a blue house. He lives alone in his home as his grandson lives in the city together with his parents.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tok Dalang often appears with gray and taqiyah clothes. He always let his shirt not be attached to the button and revealing a dry skinny chest and can see his ribs.


In the first season, Tok Dalang's personality looks less intimate with the kids who are always teasing him, especially when they chase his chickens in the village.

Lately, Tok Dalang has been more friendly with children, including the naughty ones. He welcomes Upin, Ipin and his friends in various matters, may be due to his age.

Personal life Edit

Throughout the series, it is revealed that Tok Dalang has been suffering a lot during his lifetime. These include:

  • Waiting for his grandson: since the event of Geng, his grandson Badrol has never come back to his hometown. Years after years, Tok has been waiting so that he could see him at Eid, yet it remained pointless. (In reality, Badrol was ritually sacrificed to appease Tyler Larson, but no one had the heart to tell Tok.)
  • Expecting England to win the World Cup: As he has been a fan of England football team for a long time, he always expects that "football is coming home" once more. However, 53 years have passed and his wish has never been granted.

Although he seemed old, but he fell into a triangle love with Opah and Muthu. He has a soft spot for Opah especially when he was in a room together with Opah. Opah also returned his feelings although sometimes she became jealous when she saw Tok Dalang together with Mei Mei or Muthu.


  • Village Head: In addition to leading the village, the task is to collect zakat fitrah from villagers who are Muslims in conjunction with Ramadan.
  • Agriculture: In his yard, there are some rambutan trees and chicken coop for food and income. He also has a durian and coconut hamlet on the outskirts of the village where he is riding on a bicycle or motorcycle to go there.
  • Craftsmen: Tok Dalang had a workshop under his house, where he made various items, especially what Upin and Ipin wanted. He also creates items from farm produce whether inside and outside the yard.
  • Arts: Tok Dalang was called so because of the skill in the shadow puppets, even ever won a lot of leather puppet games. In addition, he is good at making handicrafts, toys and artworks such as wau and gasing.
  • Tourism: Tok Dalang has a homestay in the hamlet.


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